Strategic Plan


Established January 2006



To support the business interests of engineering companies by promoting legislative advocacy and providing business services




Creating a better future through:
Ø Improving the quality of life through the application of science and technology
Ø Protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public in the built environment
Ø Adhering to a high level of ethical conduct in business practices



To be the lead organization promoting the business interests of companies providing professional knowledge and services for the built environment.



To achieve its mission, ACEC/A has identified four major strategies of the organization:

1. Governmental Affairs

Maintain a strong governmental affairs program consisting of:Ø Promotion of a Legislative Program including Long and Short Term Priorities.
Ø Reactive Strategy and Legislative Activity
Ø Provide an ACEC/A Political Action Committee (PAC)
Ø Promote and encourage strong financial support of ACEC/A State PAC and ACEC National PAC

2. Business Affairs

Provide opportunities for member firms to advance their business practice of consulting engineering and associate members through the following:Ø Programs and Seminars on Business Practices
Ø Interaction on Liaison Committees
Ø Promotion of Qualifications Based Selection
Ø Group insurance, retirement plans and other benefit programs
3. Public Affairs
Promote image and effectiveness of ACEC/A and its member firms through the following:Ø Enhanced Public Relations
Ø Engineering Excellence Awards Program/Publicity
Ø Promoting Professional Engineering Continuing Education and Licensure
4. Organizational Affairs
Provide staff and organization that meets the long-term needs of the Council and its member firms through the following committees:Ø Membership
Ø Public Relations
Ø Engineering Excellence
Ø Finance
Ø Governmental Affairs
Ø Professional Conduct and Ethical Standards
Ø Liaison Committees to State and Federal Agencies as well as Professional Organizations
Ø Education/Programs/Seminars


Specific goals are grouped under the four strategies. Suggested actions for achieving these goals are provided in this plan, which is intended to serve as a framework for the officers and committee chairpersons to conduct the affairs of the Council. The goals and actions should be reviewed by the Board on an annual basis and revised as needed to keep current with the needs of the Council.The goals (and actions to accomplish the goals) are listed below, including the specific ACEC/A committee responsible for carrying out the suggested actions. If no committee assignment is made, the Board will be responsible for that action item.


Strategy: Maintain a strong governmental affairs program.

Goal 1: Strengthen ACEC/A’s position as the principal representative of the business of consulting engineering by improving its recognition and credibility among local, state, and federal officials, legislators and agencies. (Government Affairs Committee)Suggested Actions:

a. Executive Director should maintain an effective governmental affairs program including lobbying and state agency liaisonb. Maintain liaison activity with other trade and professional groups and governmental agencies.

c. Publicize to consulting engineers the benefits of a strong state and national legislative affairs program.

d. Encourage member participation in legislative affairs, and develop effective means of meeting state and federal legislators, including an annual state and federal legislative activity.

e. Encourage members to meet and communicate with their congressional delegates and state legislators.

f. Maintain an ACEC/A State Political Action Committee (PAC) with voluntary assessment based on a percentage (5%) of a firm’s annual ACEC/A dues. Evaluate political candidates and recommend support of ACEC/A State PAC’s goal of $10,000.

g. Encourage support of ACEC National PAC to achieve our state goal

Goal 2. Initiate favorable legislation and respond to adverse legislation in an appropriate manner. (Government Affairs Committee)

Suggested Actions:

a. Encourage member response to ACEC/A and ACEC “Legislative Alerts.”

b. Distribute information on specific legislation and monitor other legislation possibly affecting the profession.

c. Retain an outside legislative consultant to assist with promoting legislative initiatives and tracking legislative activities.


Strategy: Provide opportunities for member firms to advance their business practice of consulting engineering.

Goal 1: Assist in improving the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and profitability of member firms on a continuing basis. (Programs and Seminars Committee)Suggested Actions:

a. Conduct 1 or more business practice seminars annually.b. Encourage member firm employees’ participation in ACEC and ACEC/A programs as part of their continuing education in the business practices of consulting engineering.

c. Conduct an Emerging Leaders program

Goal 2. Promote Qualifications Based Selection. (Board)

Suggested Actions:

a. Monitor and encourage the use of Arkansas’s qualifications based selection law by state agencies and political subdivisions.

b. Recognize clients that use QBS procedures and work with AGC, APWA, Municipal League, etc. (i.e.; QBS Award) to promote QBS.

c. Encourage member firms to report to the Executive Director any proposal requests that do not conform to QBS procedures for follow-up.

d. Continue to distribute information explaining qualifications-based selection and encourage its implementation among all client types including private, institutional and government.

e. Promote value-based fee compensation program to member firms.

f. Monitor trends in alternative project delivery methods that may impact QBS.

Goal 3. Promote and assist member firms in the advancement of quality management procedures.

Suggested Actions:

a. Encourage member firms to have an ACEC organization and/or technical Peer Review.

b. Encourage member firms to develop in-house quality management programs.

Goal 4. Act as a clearinghouse of business practice information for member firms.

Suggested Actions:

a. Promote the use of ACEC member services; i.e., staff assistance on national issues, publications, and workshops.

b. Promote the use of ACEC/A member services; i.e., staff assistance on state and local issues, publications, and seminars.

c. Use ACEC/A Magazine to share business practice experiences.

d. Maintain an active website to share business best practices.

Goal 5. Establish and maintain liaison committees and promote partnering among consulting engineers, architects and other design professionals.

Suggested Actions:

a. Maintain liaison committee with Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department

b. Maintain liaison committee with Arkansas Natural Resources Commission

c. Maintain liaison committee with Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services

d. Maintain liaison with Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

e. Maintain liaison committee with American Institute of Architects of Arkansas

f. Maintain liaison committee with Associated General Contractors of Arkansas

g. Maintain liaison committee with Arkansas Society of Professional Land Surveyors (ASPS)

h. Establish liaison committee with University of Arkansas, ASU Jonesboro, Arkansas Tech, UALR (Education Committee)


Strategy: Promote image and effectiveness of ACEC/A and its member firms

Goal 1: Enhance the image and promote public awareness of the value of consulting engineers and ACEC/A. (Public Relations Committee)Suggested Actions:

a. Increase contact with organizations whose members are users of engineering services.b. Conduct ACEC/A exhibits at various annual meetings, such as the Arkansas Municipal League, Arkansas Association of Counties, etc.

c. Publish the ACEC/A Directory and distribute it to appropriate individuals in government, industry, and legislators.

d. Publish the Arkansas Professional Engineer magazine for members and prospects.

Goal 2. Obtain broader media coverage of ACEC/A and related member firms’ activities and accomplishments. (Public Relations Committee)

Suggested Actions:

a. Distribute press releases on ACEC/A meetings and other activities.

b. Maintain a list of media contacts for use by ACEC/A and distribute to member firms

c. Set-up press interview and/or write press releases for trade and regional publications.

Goal 3: Conduct and promote an annual Engineering Excellence Program. (Engineering Excellence Committee)

Goal 4. Promote and safeguard the ethical standards of the engineering profession. (Professional Conduct and Ethical Standards Committee)

Suggested Actions:

a. Develop a forum for periodic discussion of ethics among the member firms.

Goal 5. Promote technical and professional education/licensure. (Professional Conduct and Ethical Standards Committee)

Suggested Actions:

a. Establish liaisons with accredited engineering schools in Arkansas.

b. Promote careers in consulting engineering through scholarships, internships, career days, and other activities.


Strategy: Provide staff and organization that meets the long-term needs of the Council and its member firms.

Goal 1: Annually achieve a net membership increase. (Membership Committee)
Suggested Actions:a. Move ACEC/A meetings around the state so as to allow greater opportunity for member firm attendance and participation in ACEC/A affairs, for purposes of membership retention and recruitment.

b. Establish and maintain a current prospective member firm list. Invite prospective members to attend a meeting when it is nearby for purposes of promoting membership.

c. Through the Membership Committee, assign ACEC/A members to contact, recruit, and visit prospective members, with the help of the Executive Director.

d. Use all available dues incentive programs and membership recruitment programs. Develop additional programs to assist in recruitment.

Goal 2: Provide sufficient staff and office facilities and equipment to carry out the functions of ACEC/A. (Board)

Suggested Actions:

a. Maintain a shared Executive Director and support staff as appropriate with ASPE.

b. Establish annual budget for equipment and facilities to meet the needs of the Council

c. Establish salary, fringe benefits, and provisions for incentive pay to determine annual cost for budget purposes in association with ASPE.

Goal 3: Achieve a balanced annual budget, including any contribution to reserves fund to build and maintain reserves at a goal of 25% of the annual ACEC/A revenue budget. (Finance Committee)

Suggested Actions:

a. Adjust dues, find alternative revenue sources, or reduce expenses as necessary to achieve the stated goal.

b. Use educational programs as an additional revenue source. Price programs to encourage attendance and make a profit.

c. Recruit Associate Members to increase revenues.

Goal 4: Revise Long Range Plan annually.

Suggested Actions:

a. Review Long Range Plan at least annually and recommend changes in strategies, goals and suggested actions.